Doherty & Associates serves private clients, family offices, institutional investors, and foundations.  Our clients benefit from the differentiation in our investment management and our personalized client service.  Our firm is founded on the principle that our clients come first in all that we do.  The Doherty Difference includes:

  • Our philosophy of “Great Companies at Great Prices” coupled with a disciplined investment process guides us in building the highest quality portfolios for our clients with an emphasis on growing wealth responsibly over time. Risk management is embedded throughout the entire process to ensure that risks taken are commensurate with the potential return.
  • Clients are not invested in a pool or fund but rather own individual portfolios customized to their unique needs and goals.  Segregated portfolios also allow for more efficient tax planning.
  • Client relationship managers are directly involved in the investment management process.  This ensures there is a full understanding and alignment of each individual client’s goals and effective communication with the client.
  • As a discretionary investment firm, Doherty acts as a fiduciary, with a legal responsibility to always act in the best interest of our clients. This is a key differentiator between Doherty and mainstream investment advisors. As CFA charterholders, we abide by the highest standards in the investment industry. For more detail, see  Why Hire a CFA Charterholder to Manage Your Wealth and  The Value of Premium Wealth Management
  • Our competitive fees are fully disclosed. We receive no commissions, incentive fees, or other compensation from third parties, ensuring that our interests are fully aligned with our clients.