Each Family Office is unique. Over the years, we have worked with several multi-generational families, helping them achieve successful wealth transfers to the next generation.

We work closely with Family Offices and their professional networks to ensure that investment decisions are made with complete awareness of each Family’s "big picture" succession goals.

Our focus on a conservative investment process that emphasizes liquidity and protects against downside risk has proven to be particularly attractive to families with significant investments in private equity and real estate assets. Our customized investment offering allows us to optimize our clients’ risk exposure, with an understanding of all of the elements that make up their wealth, not just the assets we manage.

With several decades of experience working with enterprising families, we understand the complexities they face.

  • Investment Philosophy
  • Wealth Management & Family Succession Planning

Doherty’s investment approach is based on the three key tenets of our investment philosophy.

1. Preservation of Capital

Our clients are entrusting us with assets they have worked their entire lives to accumulate, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Doherty’s investment process is focused not only on what can go right for stocks, but what can go wrong. Doherty is very cognizant of risk management and our investment philosophy is focused on preservation of capital and reducing risk in the investment portfolio without sacrificing long-term returns.

2. Fundamental Equity Research

Doherty’s investment team analyzes investments in the context of owning a piece of the underlying business. All investment decisions are presented to our Investment Committee for full review and analysis of the fundamentals of the underlying business. Our goal is to invest in companies for the long-term, while at the same time maintaining an ongoing disciplined risk management process should fundamentals change.

3. Value – Acquire Great Companies at Great Prices

A key component to Doherty’s investment process is assessing the fair value of a business and investing clients’ capital only when companies are at a reasonable valuation. Our disciplined commitment to focusing on company fundamentals and valuation has allowed us to outperform the market in negative years and provide strong returns with an emphasis on lower volatility.

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The unique challenges faced by each Family and their trusted circle of advisors calls for customized solutions.

Our steadfast belief in providing our clients with objective and conflict-free advice makes us an ideal partner for the modern Family Office. With several Chartered Financial Analysts and Certified Financial Planners on staff, we can supplement your bench strength and help you deliver outstanding service and investment solutions to your Family Member clients.

The relationship is a personal and unique one, so please contact one of our Portfolio Managers to begin the discussion.